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Our Story

Ristorante Da Maria

Our story starts when this family business’ owner entered the food service industry experience. While the owner George started his internship during his MBA from Santa Clara University, he got the opportunity to learn about professional food industry and customer service. Meanwhile, he worked with his brother, who owned a restaurant business in downtown San Jose. After graduating University, George started working with a big food industry in South San Francisco, and since then his passion to serve others and customers grew and expanded. It became a vision, to open a restaurant with tasty food, and it became called Ristorante da Maria.

Our Passion

The specific passion to cook was inherited from George’s mother and grandmother, both of whom loved to cook and serve others. Inheriting their passion and artistic flare is sure to help us to provide quality food and service to our dear customers.

Our Chefs

We at Ristorante da Maria have picked our Chefs and employees carefully in order to bring you the best cuisine, and to realize that life-long dream.


Our Dream

We’re glad to bring Ristorante da Maria to life and hope to extend wonderful service to each and every one of our guests!

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